Data Viz Startup cofounders/core team, collaborators and team members wanted
HI all, I want to innovate and invent in the data viz space, I have a bunch of ideas both for startup businesses and education, science and not-for-profit stuff. We would be developing some amazing and wonderful new things…software, systems, platforms, hardware, other tech. I am open to talk to people from all education levels, experience and skillsets to see if we can work together. I will try to find a home for your talents, your ideas, your drive and Data Viz or regular tech enthusiasm.
Note this is a startup just starting so this would be moonlighting as little as a couple hours/week for now (more if you want) and not a full time job schedule so very flexible hours.
I do not want to have a big meeting with everybody at once cause of covid but we can set up an online chat or covid-safe physical meeting somewhere either 1 on 1 or a few people at a time and we can brainstorm together and see what clicks.
Please sign up for a meeting and I’ll contact you to work out details. You can also message me thru meetup or email at startupohio at Hotmail com just be sure to mention DATA VIZ STARTUP
Note that I just put in a random date and time for now, we need to connect first to set up the real meeting details