Collecting information about one group can facilitate control over an entirely different group – a phenomenon known as ‘refractive surveillance.’ This dynamic is apparent in the retail space where employers have begun to use surveillance technologies and data collected about customers’ behaviors and propensities for the management of workers’ conditions of employment. Please join the Program on Data and Governance (PDG) on Wednesday, April 4, 2018, as Professor Karen Levy, Cornell University, delivers a talk on “Refractive Surveillance: Monitoring Customers to Manage Workers.”

Professor Levy’s lecture will explore refractive surveillance in the context of retail stores by investigating how collection of customer data can facilitate new forms of managerial control over workers. Levy’s research suggests that effects of surveillance cannot be fully understood without considering how populations might be managed on the basis of data collected about others.

This event, which is part of PDG’s “Data Points: Ideas on Data, Law and Society” lecture series, will take place at the Barrister Club, 25 W. 11th Ave., Columbus, Ohio, 43201 (above Panera). Parking is available in the South Campus Gateway garage. This is a free event and open to the public. Lunch will be served for advance registrants.