This is a joint Meetup of with the Columbus Graphistas group. You must go here to RSVP in order to get an accurate headcount for food. We do want food, don’t we?

Who hasn’t been frustrated by all of the moving parts in a complex system? Configurations change constantly to get work done, and it’s nearly impossible to manage.

It can be hard to track, and building models that quickly become obsolete is unrewarding. Visio is for people with more time than you!

Cytoscape.js is an open source graph visualization library for working with connected data. Complete with layout engines, search algorithms, and animation, Cytoscape.js can make you look like a diagramming expert.

Come see a real tool created with Cytoscape.js to model deployment environment configuration using familiar data sources.

About the Speaker

Jeffrey Miller is a Technical Lead at Information Control Company (ICC) in Columbus, Ohio. Jeffrey has over two decades of experience helping organizations bring value to their mission through software. He has presented a variety of topics at local user groups, regional tech conferences, and a national healthcare conference.

Jeffrey and his wife, Brandy, are newly adoptive parents and have written a fun children’s book called “Skeeters” with proceeds supporting adoption. Learn more about the project at