Topic: Cucumber as a Collaboration Tool

Matthew Eakin will be presenting “Cucumber as a Collaboration Tool.” 

Whether in waterfall or agile, every discipline seems to have its own tools. Analysts have their own way of documenting the system (requirements/User Stories in ALM or JIRA), developers have their own way (inline code documentation) and testers have their own way (test scripts). Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a tool which enabled Analysts to document the system, enabled testers to write their scripts and keep them current, and enable developers to understand how a system truly works? There is and it is called cucumber. 

As Analysts begin writing their Requirements/User Stories, they can do it straight in cucumber in a Feature file. Each Feature file has white space at the beginning where teams can document everything they need to know about the User Story. As the Acceptance Tests and subsequent Test Cases are also written in the Feature file, it will become a single source of information about how the team tests the User Story. More importantly, the tests are living; potentially executed nightly as part of a full regression test. Cucumber can also be version controlled. This gives Analysts tremendous insight into how a specific feature has evolved over time. Developers can also benefit from cucumber. Tests can be written in cucumber for almost the entire test stack. This can give tremendous insight into how the application works. 


5:45-6:00 – Networking

6:00-6:05 – Announcements

6:05-8:00 – Presentation & Discussion, Networking if time permits.

Please FEEL FREE to bring food with you to the meetup.

This meeting is for: 

– Seasoned QA & Testing Professionals 
– New testers starting out 
– Those interested in starting a career in testing 
– Anyone interested in learning more about Testing

Time & Location: 

6565 Kilgour Place, Dublin OH 43017 
6:00-8:00 p.m. – April 26th, 2016


– Take I-270 to Exit 17A (US 33 East/161 East) 
– Exit 17A will turn into Dublin Granville Rd. 
– Turn left on to Post Road (1st intersection you come to) 
– Veer immediately right onto Frantz Rd./Kilgour Place.  You will see a sign for OCLC 
– Drive into the campus.  You will see three buildings.  At the stop sign, turn left and follow signs for the Kilgour building.  Before getting to the turnaround circle where the visitor entrance was, turn right.  Park in Employee Lot #1.
– The old visitor entrance of the Kilgour building (by the lake) is now closed.  Enter the new entrance for Kilgour where the Employee entrance was prior.  Let the receptionist know you are here for the meetup and sign in.

Be sure to tell your friends and co-workers about this meeting.

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I look forward to seeing you there.

– Matt & Mindy Hutchison