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May 2021: A ransomware attack on a major US pipeline company leads to shutdown of operations, cutting off delivery 3 million barrels per day of transport fuels from Texas to the Northeast, causing prices to spike and panic runs on gasoline the length of the Atlantic coast. The incident has triggered federal action to not only determine the details of how events transpired but to align an all-government response to prevent something similar or worse from occurring in the future.

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In a very special (CS)2AI Incident Debrief event, four (CS)2AI Fellows will take us through the incident, it’s implications and what we can learn from it.
– What do we know about DarkSide, the ransomware group that’s behind the attack?
– How common are these attacks becoming? Are we aware of all of them, or only when there’s an undeniable effect outside the victim companies?
– What could Colonial Pipeline have done to prevent the attack, or reduce the impacts? What did they do right?
– What should other critical infrastructure entities be doing right to protect themselves against multi-million US$ ransom demands like this one?

) Mark Weatherford – CISO of Alert Enterprise, former US Deputy Under Secretary for Cybersecurity, and current Chief Strategy Officer and Board member at the National Cybersecurity Center
) Clint Bodungen – Founder/President & CEO of ThreatGEN, Lead Author of Hacking Exposed: Industrial Control Systems
) Lior Frenkel – Co-Founder and CEO of Waterfall Security Solutions, and Chairman of the Cyber Forum of Israeli High-Tech Association
) Ernest Wohnig – Sr. VP of Operations/IT/OT Risk at System 1 and CEO & Cyber Security Principal at Wohnig Chaman Associates

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