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6:30–7:30 – Presentation
7:30–8:00 – Q&A, Networking

“Who are the creatives that we can invite to the meeting?”

There is a right and a wrong answer to this question.

Creative teams certainly have a strength in a certain type of creativity. But so does the engineering team, so does the sales team, so does the support team. As UX’ers, part of our accepted mission is to understand this, so we can wrangle all of that creativity across the organization into our discovery and design practices.

Join us for this chat as CoverMyMeds UX team members share insights, examples, and methods (be ready to play along!) for breaking down the creative stereotypes in a product organization in order to brainstorm solutions to tough problems, test hypotheses quickly, and in the end, deliver the products that users want.

Frank Rosile is a User Experience Designer at CoverMyMeds. Over the past six years in the UX field, Frank has taken advantage of the opportunity to learn from a few key mentors and stretch his UX muscles in several different directions: from rethinking the ATM experience, to understanding a design target called Google Bot, to building a design system that would be used across products at the nation’s largest used car retailer. Diversity in industries, user types, and organizational structures has been key to his ability to build a multi-faceted UX toolbox.

Nowadays, Frank is helping to build the UX discipline at CoverMyMeds, with the goal of leveraging design to help more patients get the medications they need to live healthy lives.

Josh Fedder is a User Experience Researcher at CoverMyMeds. Josh has a passion for research, earning a PhD in Cognitive Psychology from Ohio State before beginning a career as a User Experience Researcher. He strives to combine both qualitative and quantitative research approaches to inform product at all stages of development and provide a holistic understanding of the user experience.

Pizza and drinks will be provided by CoverMyMeds!