Unfortunately, the 2021 QA or the Highway conference has been cancelled. But fortunately, we can still meet virtually!

Directly or indirectly, the global pandemic has affected everyone. But, in what ways and by how much? Working and communicating remotely, unusual distractions, masks, and shifted schedules are just a few examples. And for many, no matter the role or responsibilities, their QA/testing job isn’t what it once was…

This virtual meeting will be a Lean Coffee-style round-table discussion by testers and for testers to discuss if and how your QA/testing job has changed over the past year.

Are you facing new, difficult, or interesting challenges at work? Even if your challenge is unique, others can help by providing their distinct perspective and insight. And you can help others, too!

So, join us for “Testing during COVID”! Come ready to hear and share professional QA/testing problems and consider and offer support and solutions!

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