Talking About Talking: An informal, collaborative session exploring lessons learned from a lifetime of talking.

Featured Speaker: Damian Synadinos, owner of Ineffable Solutions

From Damian: About 1 year ago, I began speaking professionally. About 3 years ago, I began speaking at conferences. About 40 years ago, I began speaking.

In this informal, educational, and enjoyable session, I will offer lessons learned from a lifetime of talking. I will share, and we will discuss (among other things):

Why โ€“ I began speaking at conferences, and why you might, too.

What โ€“ topics I select, and which might work for you.

How โ€“ I create a talk, and how you develop ideas.

Come prepared to ask and answer questions as we collaboratively converse, and โ€œtalk about talkingโ€!

Audience: Anyone interested in any type of public speaking.โ€‹

Duration: 1 hour
Sample Topics:

1. Why to talk

2. What to talk about

3. How to talk publicly

*** Lunch will be provided ***