Room: Battelle Rooms

Speaker: Dave Sadlon – HMB


With the emergence of Agile and DevOps in many IT shops and companies, it’s vital we as QA engineers adapt to the market demand and change. With faster paced releases and sprints, we as a QA community have to work to keep up with the ever-so-present demand. This talk will focus on what it means to be a Full-Stack QA Engineer and how does one go about becoming the “Swiss Army Knife” of QA. 


Dave Sadlon, has been working 10 years in technology wearing multiple hats (developer/consultant/manager/qa lead/ba). Currently, he is the Director of Testing Services at HMB in Columbus, Ohio. He’s spent multiple years consulting and implementing UI automation. His true passion is helping others grow and mature in their careers. When not at work, Dave is spending time with his wife Leah typically listening to or watching some sort of Cleveland sports team.

Hosted at: 

Chemical Abstracts Service,2540 Olentangy River Road, Columbus, Ohio 43202



Instructions and Directions: If you plan to attend, PLEASE RSVP ON MEETUP so we can expedite your check-in upon arrival.  Stop at the security booth to receive your dashboard parking pass and instructions on where to park.  The front entrance is located across from the three flagpoles.  You’ll sign in at the front desk before being shown the location of the conference room.