Part of Innovate New Albany‘s TIGER Workshops Series:

Marketing is a powerful asset for any small business owner. With the right strategy and robust “toolbox” on your side, a compelling marketing strategy can be implemented for under $100 per month!

We have formulated a “Price is Right” checklist of must-have tools and programs for the ultimate marketing strategy. In this TIGER Workshop we will cover WHAT tools to use and HOW to use them to get the most out of your:

• Business and Marketing Strategy

• Branding

• Logo

• Website

• Social Media, including paid ads and SEO

• Email

• Content Marketing (Blogs, Podcast, User Reviews)

• Visual Marketing (Photos, Videos)

Learn why the basics of marketing are crucial for leveraging your business and how to use them to bring your business to life and tell the world about your business.

From corporate America to #StartupCBUS, Shaun Young went from having a team and a multi-million dollar marketing budget to founding a bootstrapped startup. Shaun learned how to market on a shoestring budget by launching Ardina — affordable healthcare for Millennials — and was voted a top Columbus Startup in 2015 by Metropreneur.

And Shaun is not your typical marketer. Shaun started his career as a pharmacist before getting his MBA from Harvard Business School. He cut his teeth on consumer shopping behavior at the corporate headquarters of Walmart and Cardinal Health. He is now launching Millenefits, a supplemental staffing agency where everyone works for benefits. Everything from Cleaning to Marketing, Millenefits’ educated professionals are willing to roll up their sleeves and help your local business.

9:30a – Registration & Networking
10:00a – Workshop Begins
12:00p – Workshop Concludes & Networking Resumes

Free! (& we will have coffee)

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