Columbus WAW is heading into its 11th year, and we think this might just be its best year ever! Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, we’re upping our game in 2019, and we’re hoping you will join us at our January event to get a taste (literally!) of what that will look like. There will even be door prizes!

Do you use Google Analytics? Are you curious about ways you could analyze your data in new ways that aren’t easily doable through the web interface, Excel, or Google Sheets? Then you won’t want to miss this meetup! Using R (behind the scenes — explorable for attendees who are so inclined, but by no means a necessity to apply the material), Tim Wilson will discuss and demo:

– *Time-normalized page analysis* — if you do content marketing, how can you better compare a page that launched last March to a page that launched in November? 2D interactive page analysis — which pages have high entrances and a high bounce rate? How do those differ from pages with high entrances and a low bounce rate? What about pageviews vs. exit rate? How can the data be easily explored to find out?

– *Text mining and topic modeling of on-site search terms* — on-site search data is powerful…but messy. What happens if we apply some light text mining — maybe even do some topic modeling using Latent Dirichlet Allocation ( (LDA)?

– *Quantifying the impact of day of week or device category on site results* — yes, we can do regression analysis and quantify the relative impact of a visitor arriving at the site on a Wednesday against the impact of a visitor using a tablet to browse the site.

Tim has built (free) web-based applications to illustrate these techniques and also to allow you to log on using your own Google credentials to try out these analyses with your own data. It won’t turn you into a data scientist, but it just might get you doing a little data science and getting a taste of what that means. Plus, did we mention there will be door prizes?

All of our Columbus WAWs are free of charge thanks to the generosity of our sponsors: Clarivoy, TeamBuilder Search, the MS in Analytics Program at Wittenberg University, and Search Discovery.