Venue: Rev1 Ventures

Creative that Counts Does you really understand and appreciate the importance of your campaign creative? Do you recognize that campaigns with strong offers, ideal media placements and prime audiences often fail – due to the creative? Most marketers put their energies into making sure campaign creative follows brand guidelines, meets publisher/platform specs, and is submitted on time (or close to it). Then they run that creative – and don’t give it another thought. Sound familiar? Then you have a huge opportunity to improve your campaign ROI. Join Beth Sibbring from Tangible Impact to learn digital creative best practices, testing, analysis and optimization tactics that can really impact the success of your campaigns. Once again we are on a Tuesday, so take note! We don’t know who is meeting at Rev1 on Wednesday, but participants that show up on the wrong day have a 99.4% chance of having less engaging chats about digital analytics and a 100% chance of missing the event. All of our Columbus WAWs are free of charge thanks to the generosity of our sponsors: A /V support, including a Facebook Livestream of the event, provided by Darin Young from .