Venue: Rev1 Ventures

Attracting Talent to Columbus   Columbus is a great town, and we have a great digital marketing community here. But, every time we ask WAW attendees to share with the group if they have open positions they’re trying to fill, a bevy of hands go up. One solution: get more talent to relocate to Columbus! For this month’s event, we’ve put together a panel of experts that, along with a room full of attendees, will have an engaging discussion about what’s working and what we could be doing better to get the word out to candidates that Columbus is more than just the home of a perennial Stanley Cup contender. If you’ve struggled to fill your open positions, or if you’ve relocated to Columbus yourself, or if you simply want to see the digital marketing and digital analytics community grow and thrive, you owe it to yourself and our local community to attend this event, hosted by Clarivoy at Rev1.. All of our Columbus WAWs are free of charge thanks to the generosity of our sponsors: