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SEM (SEO!) Best Practices with Joe Ebbeler from Abbott Nutrition For even seasoned digital marketers and analysts, “What is the ROI of search?” or “Which is performing better: SEO or SEM?” can be dreaded questions. In his presentation, Joe will share his experiences working with stakeholders to establish best practices, analyzing the complementary impact of SEO and paid search, and working with Google to determine ROI with actual hard data. He will also discover leveraging the consumer journey as a strategy for optimization, and “the marketing sandwich,” which was a highlight of his recent session at eMetrics Chicago. About the Speaker Joe is the Manager, Digital Analytics and Insights, at Abbott Nutrition (maker of Similac, Pedialyte, Ensure, and other familiar brands) and has over 10 years of experience in digital marketing, CRM, and analytics. He currently provides digital analytical leadership across all business units within the Nutrition division of Abbott in the U.S. including; Web, mobile, social, search, paid media, and mobile applications. Joe is responsible for developing digital best practices, analytics training and informing digital marketing strategy with actionable insights tied to business objectives.