(X-Post from the CKUG Meetup page)

KotlinConf, the inaugural Kotlin conference, debuted in San Francisco Nov 1st, with a workshop and 2 days of talks. Approximately 1200 attendees from all over the world came to learn more about Kotlin. Speakers flew in from all over the world too, to share their knowledge and passion for Kotlin. It was truly an amazing experience. If you missed it, don’t fret, this month Michael Yotive, John Keyes, and Eric Maxwell will recap their experiences at KotlinConf and share with you how you can watch the videos later as well as what topics were making buzz this year.

If you did make it KotlinConf! Come out to join the conversation and share your experiences as well! We’ll also have a free Kotlin in Action book to raffle off a

nd our normal sticker swag as well as a few t-shirts!


PS. Please RSVP for accurate food ordering.