Featured Expert

Potch is a Web Developer Advocate at Mozilla. He’s also the creator of unmaintained.tech, which encourages people to open source their software even when they don’t have time to support it. When he’s not building dashboards or making stickers, he’s probably singing karaoke. Or singing in the car. Or shower.


In the early years of the web, there were limits on where you could put content on a web page. Now, withCSS properties powering dynamic layouts in browsers, a renaissance in layout design patterns is emerging. In this interactive workshop, Potch shows us how we can leverage CSS and related tools to craft innovative designs for the web.

What You’ll Take Away

• Get a firm grasp on new CSS tools to build webpages as close to your vision as possible.

• Discover how the new CSS Grid Layout property will revolutionize your webpage layouts and simplify your existing ones for a seamless user experience.

Why It Matters

With new tools available to simplify your design process, you’ll be able to build your ideal webpage layout without compromising the user experience.

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