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Please join us for the first Data Visualization Meetup of 2017!

We will be introducing our new leadership team: Enayet Rasul, Eric Rowland, and Erik Rettman.

Our guest speaker this month is Prof Bear Braumoeller. He is a professor at the Ohio State University Department of Political Science.

Prof Braumoeller will be presenting on the link between correlation and causation.

“Everyone who does statistics has probably heard, early and often, that correlation is not causation. Increasingly, we take that claim seriously in our statistical work by running experiments and using statistical techniques designed specifically to account for confounding variables. But we rarely if ever import these sensibilities into day-to-day data visualizations, which unabashedly portray correlations in observational data as if they were causal. I talk about the different ways that social scientists have been able to make credible causal claims based on observational data and how those research designs can (and should) influence data visualizations.”


6:30-7:00pm == dinner/networking

7:00-7:15pm == updates/introductions

7:15-8:00pm == presentation

Catering will be provided. Parking in the lot is free.

Please RSVP as only the first 50 respondents will be able to attend.