The Columbus Create-a-thon is a weekend event that brings together artists, writers, videographers, developers, musicians, and other creatives in an innovation sprint to form content and media around the challenges of arts-based businesses and entrepreneurship. Collaborators can create a web application, art show, ad campaign, video or project that speaks to the questions and challenges of arts-based businesses. Creatives will have the opportunity to share ideas and collaborate with other participants to make their ideas a reality.

What you can expect at the event:

Columbus Create-a-Thon consists of a combination of novice and experienced arts-based entrepreneurs collaboratively working for two days with OSU students (April 22nd and 23rd 2016) to discover solutions to art industry problems through enterprise models. Questions and challenges could include: 1) how to combine a not-for-profit with a sustainable for-profit component; 2) how to effectively use social media in advertising and marketing artistic products; or 3) how to use technology to build a customer base and create community and more.

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