Celebrate the Columbus AUG’s Anniversary with our AUG-IVERSARY BASH!

While we know we can’t compete with the Awesomeness that is Summit Bash, we are still going to have a heck of a party. Join us in celebrating our AUG-IVERSARY at the Old North Arcade starting at 5pm, and officially ending at 9, but you are welcome to stay as late as they are open. We’ll have Cake and Pizza for everyone. First Drink is on us, and additional drinks are half price from 4-7, so double happy hour for us!

Please RSVP and update your RSVP if you decide not to attend, so we can make an accurate food purchase. You are also welcome to bring coworkers and guests! This is a celebration and networking event.

Check out the site and their Drinks [Its’s quite extensive!] menu.