All too often companies are eager to implement automation; afterall, it is supposed to shorten feedback loops and instill confidence.  Coupled with the anecdotal success of Ruby/Cucumber/WATiR, more and more people are interested in leveraging it for automation on agile teams.  The big push now is “are we following best practices”.  What are those practices?  Are they the best?  To answer that question, we’ll discuss the common anti-patterns people follow on their quest to automate their apps including what they look like, why they are harmful, and what a better approach might be.


As Centric Consulting’s National Software Quality Assurance and Testing Service Offering Lead, Joseph Ours has nearly two decades of career experience in Information Technology and Certified Project Management consulting. He believes in finding ways to harmoniously work with all core IT competencies, and as such as works as a developer, tester, business analyst, and program manager. His strategic thought process and ability to translate vision into action has resulted in many large successful initiatives. Joseph’s expertise has also led to numerous national speaking engagements. He earned an MBA, and two bachelor’s degrees: in Electronic Engineering Technology, and in Technical Management. He is also PMP certified by the Project Management Institute. Joseph lives in Columbus, Ohio, and has six adult children. He is an early adopter and active technology enthusiast. When not busy with family events, he chairs the Columbus Advisory Council for Per Scholas, a national non-profit organization based in New York, which aims to break the cycle of poverty by providing technology education, access, training and job placement services for people in under-served communities.