C^2POE – Centric Consulting Page Object Experiments: Introducing Captain Hook
Speaker: Donavan Stanley

Centric Consulting has had the opportunity to execute numerous automation projects over the years, giving us the privilege to see hundreds of solutions to the same sets of problems. Some solutions proved to be well thought-out and architected, while others did not. In response to what we learned from our experience on the projects, we started building C2POE to share solutions to some of the common problems that don’t already have credible off the shelf solutions. In this presentation, we will discuss one of our experiments designed to make managing Page State easier and reduce the amount of defensive code in your automation suites. Captain Hook provides a mechanism to apply before/after hooks to arbitrary methods on objects.


Need to make sure an element is scrolled into view every time before interaction? Need a complex series of events fired before/ after interacting with a field? Want to make sure that navigation completes before returning control? ​

Captain Hook can handle these complexities behind the scenes while keeping your code DRY and clean.