Cucumber 3.0.0 and Beyond

Cucumber is a tool that supports Behavior Driven Development (BDD), a software development practice that promotes collaboration. Cucumber will execute specifications written in plain language and generate reports to reveal the behavior of software against expectations. In Fall 2017, the Cucumber core team formally released Cucumber version 3.0.0, introducing changes that will shift how developers use the tool. Among those changes are Cucumber Expressions, updated Tag Expressions, Retry & Flaky Status, Strict Mode, and a new Events API. In the presentation, the audience will learn about the new features of Cucumber and how to integrate them into their existing automation suite.

Thomas Haver is presently serving as the Senior Application Architect for Huntington National Bank. He is responsible for the conversion from manual testing to Ruby/Cucumber automation for the entire enterprise. Originally accountable for the development and maintenance of automation frameworks for Digital Channels, he now leads the automation effort for over 70 applications across Huntington that encompass testing, metrics & reporting, data, and environment. Thomas leads the training & technical support for both on-site employees as well as offshore contractors. He has developed test strategies and assisted in coordination between multiple lines to improve delivery effectiveness & resource flexibility. Thomas is a scientist turned baker turned technology professional. He started as a research scientist in fluorescence microscopy & spectroscopy, and has worked at three different R1 research institutes. In IT, he has worked as a tester, a developer, a requirements analyst, and finally as an application architect.