—–The Anatomy Of A Smart TV—–
Smart TVs have been in the news a lot lately, with security and privacy concerns about what they are recording, listening to, etc. Well, have you ever wanted to poke around inside one to see what is going on in there? Is your family opposed to you dismembering their TV? Well, then join us and help us dissect ours. We’ll have some big old 50″+ Smart TVs from multiple vendors that you can dismantle and poke around inside.

Bring all your weapons of destruction and let’s see what we can find.
CARPE is a group of people who love to play around with hardware. From automated chicken coops to robot safe cracking to thermal imaging, we love it all. Join us to tinker, learn, hang out and have a good time.

• What we’ll do – Play with hardware, learn about hardware, hang out with cool people who love hardware.

• What to bring – Anything you want related to hardware. Personal projects, questions, tools, etc.

• Important to know – This is NOT just a meetup for people who have years of experience working with hardware. This is a meeting for anyone and everyone who is interested. Do you have zero experience but are curious? Come and learn. Do you have a lifetime of experience? Come and share that with others. Young and old alike are welcome. Pizza and Beer and wine for everyone (if age appropriate, of course)!