Playing with Circuit Playground Express by Jim Prior

Jim Prior will play with an Adafruit Circuit Playground Express ( He will walk through little programs showing what this little board can do.

All are welcome, especially beginners.


CARPE is a group of people who love to play around with hardware. From automated chicken coops to robot safe cracking to thermal imaging, we love it all. Join us to tinker, learn, hang out and have a good time.

• What we’ll do – Play with hardware, learn about hardware, hang out with cool people who love hardware.

• What to bring – Anything you want related to hardware. Personal projects, questions, tools, etc.

• Important to know – This is NOT just a meetup for people who have years of experience working with hardware. This is a meeting for anyone and everyone who is interested. Do you have zero experience but are curious? Come and learn. Do you have a lifetime of experience? Come and share that with others. Young and old alike are welcome. Pizza and Beer for everyone!

• Park on the NORTH side of the building. N. Fourth St. is a one-way street going only northbound. There is a driveway immediately north of the building for the NORTH parking lot. That is, while going North on N. Fourth St., turn right in the driveway immediately PAST the Smith Brothers Hardware Company Building to get to the NORTH parking lot. Enter at the glass doors on the southeast side of the building.