Cryptography is important. Cryptographic technology used in cryptocurrency wallets is especially important when protecting digital assets. During this talk we will look at several standards that define how cryptocurrency wallets work; how a wallet can seem to have “endless” wallet addresses yet without collisions. Learn strengths and weaknesses comparing hardware, paper, cold storage, and brain wallets. Learn steps to take to ensure wallets are kept secure and protected from cryptocurrency loss and how to recover from a lost, stolen or damaged hardware wallet. We’ll look at web3j a Java library that implements several cryptocurrency standards and enables interaction with Ethereum SmartContracts. We’ll also see Electron and Docker demonstrations of safe offline use of MyEtherWallet and BIP39 mnemonic phrase applications.


Steve Swing is CTO of Substratum Services, Inc., a Delaware Ohio company crowdfunded to fight Internet Censorship. He has more than 30 years of experience in several industries writing software but is still learning new things like Rust, Solidity, and Smart Contracts. He’s a Manifest Solutions Bootcamp Master craftsman Trainer.