Have you wished your Java program would run faster? Maybe you were seeking a JVM based scripting language to perform as great as Java? Wouldn’t it be cool if you could transpile your polygot language to native binary? Then you might have just found the holy grail. Wait the spelling is misleading, but the results are not, introducing GraalVM. This is a universal virtual machine that can take any JVM language and convert it to a faster bytecode embedded in the JVM, or compile via LLVM to a native application. Examples will include Java, JavaScript, and Kotlin. The attendee will leave this session understanding how to get started optimizing their Java applications as well as how any JVM based scripting language can gain native speeds.


David Lucas is a software architect with over 25 years of experience in IT to include Fortune 500 companies. He has a diverse software engineering background covering satellite communications, financial processing, smart grid utilities, manufacturing, order entry systems, shipping automation, e-Commerce, insurance, performance, and security. David is a consultant that enjoys problem solving along with designing, implementing, and testing large-scale software solutions in Java by leveraging his knowledge in Spring and JEE standards as well as mentoring and training others in the art and science of software. He is currently seeking Kotlin in his daily routines. He is the owner of Lucas Software Engineering, Inc. and consults in the Columbus, Ohio area. He is often found working with Manifest Solutions and with their NextGen Boot Camp as a Master Craftsman. He has presented at local and national user groups and is a member of the ACM. He lives in Ohio with his wife and three children.