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Cloud Native and DevOps are an important part of our future.  Concourse CI is a new CI / CD tools that works extremely well with Cloud Native and DevOps and over comes many of the problems with your existing Enterprise Jenkins that you don’t even know you have. 

We will discuss the origins of Concourse and why we needed “Yet Anonther Continuous Integration Tool” to overcome the limitations and bad habits our existing tools taught us.  We will setup a simple CI / CD stack containing Concourse, Nexus, and SonarQube using Docker, and explore the capabilities of Concourse CI.


Doug Hoke, Sr. Enterprise Architect Platform Architecture at Cardinal Health

Doug specializes in application development, integration, dev-ops and middleware platforms.  He has been working with technology for nearly two decades under various roles.  After many years in the industry, Doug has determined that making technology work is only part of the equation, proving out ideas (or finding failures) and educating peers and teams within an organization to learn or develop new patterns, how to fearlessly implement and dutifly automate patterns is a must.

Doug is an evangelist of dev-ops as well as java. As an altruist, he understand that helping technologists understand how the to embrace the new world and their leaders to understand its benefits. In addition to being a technology evangelist, he is a happy father of three future STEM candidates.

Jim Shingler, Office of Development Transformation at Cardinal Health

Jim is a knowledgeable Information Technology thought leader experienced in the application of information technology to solve strategic and tactical business problems for the Healthcare, Banking, Retail, Financial Services, Insurance, and Manufacturing industries. He thrives on the challenge of transforming the business vision into reality.