Are you worried about the scalability and availability of your application?  Do you find you or your team spending a lot of time deploying and managing servers?  With buzzwords like “Serverless”, “BaaS”, “FaaS”, and “cloud” getting thrown around almost interchangeably it’s easy to have some confusion on what “Serverless” really means.  In this talk we’ll discuss these terms and show how a Serverless Architecture can help solve some of your problems.  Lastly we’ll go through an example using AWS services (specifically Lambada and API Gateway).


Jarred has been developing software professionally for over 10 years. He is passionate about automated testing, continuous delivery, removing inefficiencies, and developing DRY clean code in Groovy, Java, Javascript, Scala, or whatever the best tool for the job is. Currently employed at ForgeX in Columbus OH where he slings code while keeping a light and fun team environment. Outside of software Jarred enjoys spending time with his wife and 2 kids, woodworking, golf, and watching college football.