Eclipse Che is a cloud-based Integrated Development Environment providing developers the ability to code, test and run their applications exclusively through a web browser. Eclipse Che workspaces, in contrast to Eclipse Desktop workspaces, are built on a containerized runtime environment referred to as a stack. A stack is one or more Docker containers configured with the necessary operating system and build and run environments. Eclipse Che comes with pre-configured stacks or developers can create customized docker images that can be pulled to form a custom development system. Within the workspace developers can then host one or more projects for coding and unit testing. In addition Eclipse Che uses the concept of “factories” to easily duplicate and share the workspace environments with other developers.


Dan Moore is a Systems Engineering and Administration Consultant, retired, from Nationwide Insurance. He has worked mainly with Oracle database tools and several flavors of middleware. Dan has also used Eclipse desktop for many years to develop tools to assist with operations. Since retirement he has become fascinated with Open Source software and cloud-based development tools. In his leisure time, he and his wife like to train and trail ride their horses.