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Let’s face it: If you’re an IT recruiter, odds are you’ve been stumped by the jargon coming out of the mouths of your candidates and hiring managers. Do you live in fear of being hornswoggled by a smooth-talking interviewee who doesn’t know her SQL from her SOLID? Would you like to know what it all means (or at least some of it!), but dread the idea of a programming class? If so, this meetup’s for you.

Your host will be Bill Horvath, Principal Consultant at Improving, who has a background in both technical recruiting and software development. We’ll talk about some of the core concepts, ideas, principles, and tools that your candidates should understand, regardless of the language or platform they’ll be using. We’ll discuss how to manage the expectations of hiring managers who are not only expecting you to find a unicorn, but to capture the most beautiful one with the silken mane and golden horn. And we’ll cover the single most useful question you can ask to distinguish between good programmers and great ones.

Bring your questions and your appetite – Food and beverages will be provided, courtesy of Improving.