An Evening of Kibitzing and Coding.

Columbus Code Jam is a casual meetup to pair on cool projects, to get one-on-one guidance from experienced developers & sys admins, to network, learn, and eat pizza.

Twitter: @CodeJamCMH

Some topics we’ve discussed while hacking:

Git Workflows for moving from single-developers to small teams.

Modelling tree structures in RDBMS tables and the SQL to query them.

High-level architecture of a Rails application.

Computing in the bad-old-days of dial-up.

Twitter Bootstrap


Getting a rails app from Github running from scratch.

Beginner’s Resources – How to learn how to program.

The security implication of using “#!/usr/bin/env ruby” vs “#!/path/to/ruby”

Upgrading a Rails 2 app to Rails 3, and filling the gap in test coverage.

Embedding Disqus or Facebook comments in a web page.

Which file type to save your HTML as on your Mac in order to make web servers and browsers recognize it as HTML. [plain text, not rich text]

What are the IT needs of a small not-for-profit foundation looking to create an informational web site for foundation members/subscribers?

How to write Hello World in C++ (When did C++ get namespaces?)

How often does one need to collect data samples to monitor the performance of an application.

Demonstrating the difference between ‘programming’ and ‘coding’ by deriving an algorithm to sort a list of numbers.

How to chain ActiveRecord Associations to avoid multiple calls to the database (The 1+N problem) when one call will suffice.

Where can an entrepreneur go in Columbus to find technical resources and/or investors.

Why O(logN) algorithms are better than O(N) algorithms.

What additional tools and skills are needed to go from an HTML/CSS/JS prototype to a full-featured application.

What is a point mesh? Are there any good algorithms for converting one into a useful polygon mesh?

How to refactor large methods into several smaller methods in a Rails Model.

What kinds of web site analytics are available for word press sites?

What is A/B testing and why should I do it?

What are some good online resources for a single-founder software startup dealing with marketing and launching software products?

Come and add your voice and language to the conversation.

Please RSVP so that we can ensure that there are enough refreshments for everybody.

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