Come out to Easton and Improving for our monthly iOS and Mac meeting

Adventure in Swift by John Endres

Adventure means 2 things to John. It’s about his first Swift project that he resurrected after 4 years – bringing the Crowther and Woods Adventure game to Swift and to the iPhone. That game brought John into programming!!

John has been doing this for a long time — either on a Mac, iPhone or as telecommunications developer his whole career with brief periods of other things that didn’t last….

What is Cocoaheads (

CocoaHeads is a group devoted to discussion of Apple Computer’s Cocoa Framework for programming on MacOS X and iOS (including the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch). During monthly meetings, members present on their projects and offer tutorials on various programming topics.

What is BuckeyeCocoa (

BuckeyeCocoa is a group of Objective-C/Swift developers/enthusiasts. We host monthly Cocoaheads and near-weekly NSCoder meetings in Columbus, Ohio. The meetings are free to attend.


Presenters welcome! We are always in need of people willing to present material. Any Swift and/or Objective-C related topic is welcome. Times can be 5 minutes (i.e. lightning talks) to a maximum of 2 hours. Interested? Contact info is on the BuckeyeCocoa website.

To volunteer for a presentation contact us at @BuckeyeCocoa on Twitter.

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