Hello Cloud Founders!  At this installment of the Columbus Cloud Foundry Meetup we will have a special guest to discuss why Cloud Foundry is the best place to run microservices.  Hint: We passed out his book at our inaugural Cloud Foundry meetup.  Check out the bio below.

Companies need to build better software faster to compete. But existing monolithic applications, legacy platforms and lengthy operational deployment cycles are holding innovation back.  Microservices are becoming the cloud architecture of choice because they offer the ability to loosely couple applications into discrete services that can be surgically changed without requiring disruptive overhauls. This approach enables the responsiveness and rapid change needed by the business.  We will also explore how the Spring framework enables a microservice strategy and why Spring Boot has seen explosive growth.

With a better understanding of microservices in hand we will step into Cloud Foundry to see how they work together.  Cloud Foundry is a critical foundation to simplify the operations, governance and health management of these new architectures. 

Its going to be a great exchange!

Speaker Biography:

Matt Stine is a technical product manager at Pivotal. He is a 15 year veteran of the enterprise IT industry, with experience spanning numerous business domains. He is the author of recently published Migrating to Cloud-Native Application Architectures from O’Reilly, available as a free e-book download.

Matt is obsessed with the idea that enterprise IT “doesn’t have to suck,” and spends much of his time thinking about lean/agile software development methodologies, DevOps, architectural principles/patterns/practices, and programming paradigms, in an attempt to find the perfect storm of techniques that will allow corporate IT departments to not only function like startup companies, but also create software that delights users while maintaining a high degree of conceptual integrity. His current focus is driving Pivotal’s solutions around supporting microservices architectures with Cloud Foundry and Spring.

Matt has spoken at conferences ranging from JavaOne to OSCON to YOW!, is a five-year member of the No Fluff Just Stuff tour, and serves as Technical Editor of NFJS the Magazine. Matt is also the founder and past president of the Memphis Java User Group.