Bill Troy will share the big ideas from his forthcoming book, ClickSand, an explosive wake-up call and warning for business owners about the dangers and hypocrisy in online marketing. In ClickSand, Bill compares giant firms like HubSpot, Google, and LinkedIn as well as local agencies and consultants in towns big and small to snake-oil pitchmen of the 1800’s. You’ll never think of clicks, connections, likes or leads the same way again after hearing Bill’s presentation.

In this eye-opening discussion, you’ll learn:

• The recipe that snake-oil pitchmen have used for 125 years—and that online marketers still use today

• The five ways that online marketing can damage a business—especially a business that is built on relationships

• How online marketing analytics are designed to trick your brain into spending more just like slot machines

• How online marketers tell clients to do one thing while they themselves do something completely different

• The marketing model that online marketers will never tell you about—because it helps you instead of them

• How to ignore the online marketing “experts” and build a marketing approach that really works for your business

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