For Monday, April 8th meetup we will once again welcome Michael Meadows to the Central Ohio Azure User Group. Michael brings an extensive set of experience as developer and architect on a wide range of critical solutions. We’re thrilled Michael can once again join us, this time sharing his experiences with Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Functions.

Please RSVP for the meetup so we can best plan for food and drinks!

Title: Cosmos DB By the Firehose: A Crash Course
Microsoft powers many of its global scale applications with Azureโ€™s Cosmos DB. It offers unlimited scale, push-button global distribution, low latency, and very little compromise. This talk will introduce you to Cosmos DB and its interfaces, and show you how easy it is to get started with Azure Functions. We will also explore some advanced features, and discuss the tradeoffs of Cosmos DB versus traditional RDBMS systems.

Speaker Bio: As a principal software engineer at Insight Digital Innovations, Michael helps companies get the most out of Azure PaaS services. Lately, he has been specializing in micro service architectures (Azure Functions, Service Fabric, and Kubernetes), and distributed storage platforms.