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Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie? Let’s ask Azure!

When it comes to popular Christmas movies there’s a recurring debate as to whether or not that list of movies should include the 1988 film Die Hard. This talk explores the use of Azure Automated Machine Learning (Auto ML) to build a classification algorithm that can evaluate movies to determine if they should be considered a Christmas movie. We’ll explore taking our raw data, cleaning and preparing it without introducing bias, building, training, and evaluating a machine learning model. By the time we’re done you’ll understand the basics of automated machine learning on Azure and see what it thinks about Die Hard.

Matt Eland
Instructor at Tech Elevator

Matt is a software engineering instructor at Tech Elevator’s Columbus Ohio campus where he gets to raise up future developers and unleash them upon the world to do awesome things. Prior to this Matt enjoyed a .NET and JavaScript-heavy career in the startup and Software as a Service world where he helped companies grow to maturity and then scale up.

In his spare time, Matt is pursuing a master’s degree studying data science and artificial intelligence and continues to build nerdy things on the side while looking for ways to share new things with the community.

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