For the November 14th meetup we are excited to welcome Michael Meadows as the featured speaker. Michael will be sharing guidance on one of the most popular Azure services, Azure App Service. This should be a great session to learn more the many features that can speed development and improve management for your cloud-hosted applications.

As in past months, following Michael’s session, we will once again hold an open architecture Q&A session. This is a time set aside for the attendees to discuss ideas or questions about Azure – a time to ask the “Can or How do I do X with Azure?” question.

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Making Development Great Again: Azure App Services

Abstract: In the past few years, Microsoft has invested in building out a robust application Platform as a Service (PaaS) architecture. Under the umbrella of “App Services,” Azure is able to simplify many of the boilerplate aspects of application development. From authorization/authentication to WebJobs, App Services allow you to focus on developing quality services. This talk provides a high level review of the features currently available, focusing on a few features for hands-on demonstration. 

Speaker Bio: Michael has been a professional programmer and architect for fourteen years, and a hacker for much longer. He has served as architect on multiple large-scale, cloud-based Line-of-Business implementation projects. Additionally, Michael has extensive experience building high volume, processor intensive business logic applications using distributed architectures. He is a Director at Fusion Alliance where he is the Enterprise Architecture Competency Manager.