SQL Server Indexing: Practical Solutions


Have you ever created an index on your database to improve performance, and nothing changed? Have you created indexes suggested by the Missing Index DMV or Database Tuning Advisor, and query performance actually got worse? Are you constantly rebuilding your indexes or updating statistics, just for minor, temporary gains in performance? If so, then this session is for you.

In SQL Server Indexing: Practical Solutions, we’ll discuss the internals of SQL Server indexes, and more importantly, how SQL Server selects and uses indexes based on your queries. We’ll look at when SQL Server chooses a Scan vs. a Seek, why the Missing Index DMVs don’t always give good advice, and how to tell when your databases are over-indexed. We’ll review DMVs and stored procedures that will quickly show how your indexes are being used, and where they can be improved. After this session, you’ll have the knowledge and tools to properly optimize your indexing strategy and create significant performance gains for your database queries.


David Maxwell has almost 20 years of experience with SQL Server, with a keen interest in performance tuning, monitoring, and troubleshooting. He has had experience in environments as diverse as health care institutions, auto manufacturers, and insurance companies. David has been a frequent presenter at SQL Saturday events around the United States since 2012, as well as a presenter for the DBA Fundamentals virtual chapter, the Performance virtual chapter, 24 Hours of PASS and the annual PASS Summit. David participates in his local Columbus Ohio PASS chapter, where he serves on the board of directors as SQL Saturday coordinator.