Power BI: The Source of Truth

Getting an entire organization to speak using the same terms can be a tricky task. With disparate source systems, Access databases running amok and ad-hoc Excel processes in seemingly every direction, getting an entire organization (or even just a segment of an organization) to rely on a single data source can be even more difficult. The absence of such alignment can result in different teams pulling different performance metrics over the same period which can lead to unnecessary churn as executives question who’s numbers are most accurate. With a bit of organizational buy-in, Power BI can be a powerful tool to address this issue.

In this talk, I’ll walk through the process of how our organization went about building our first Power BI report / dashboard and how this changed our data consumption habits. We shifted from piecing together Power Point presentations, Excel sheets, and SSRS reports to using this one-stop-shop Power BI solution for some of our critical data needs. This has saved countless hours of digging through emails, opening cumbersome workbooks, and pulling together/ presenting weekly Power Point content. Time is saved and user satisfaction is up, creating a much more productive working environment.


Michael is a new speaker and a Business Intelligence Developer with a specialty in the tailoring and delivering of reporting solutions, primarily using SSRS and Power BI. Michael has been on the IGS Business Intelligence team since graduating from Ohio University in 2014, has been working with Power BI since November 2016.