Microsoft Machine Learning Services


SQL Server 2017 Machine Learning Services is more than just R and Python language support for SQL Server. SQL Machine Learning Services provides analytics for any size of data, runs in SQL Server, or alongside Windows, Linux, HDInsight Spark or Hadoop clusters, is simple to administer and allows you to integrate and deploy simply. In this session, learn architecture and deployment options, stand-alone and in-database, along with some real-world use-cases. Learn how to leverage Machine Learning Services with new TSQL language support, training and deploying models, scaling beyond memory with RevoScaleR to generating millisecond predictions in-database. With any size data environment, SQL Machine Learning Services can provide analytics in both an operationally sound and easy to administer paradigm, run with SQL Server, Windows, Linux and HDInsight Spark and Hadoop clusters.

A beginner level understanding of Machine Learning and process is highly recommended but not required. Beyond SQL Machine Learning Services, an overview of all Microsoft Machine Learning ecosystems, but specific tool set knowledge or in-depth language background (R or Python) are not part of this session.


Andrew Loree is a Data Insights Consultant with Microsoft and has over nineteen years of data and database experience with roles in architecture, design, development, and implementation of enterprise-scale SQL Server data solutions, supporting industries from legal e-discovery to manufacturing. Andrew holds fourteen Microsoft certifications, has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Wright StateUniversity and continues his life-long learning journey working to finish his Masters of Science from the same alma mater.