The objective of this talk is to share what I have learned over the last 25+ years of database experience about how to very quickly improve the performance of a system without the confusion of seeing the act as some sort of art form, which I fundamentally think is a wrong proposition. I’m doing this because I am still encountering the same basic issues with configurations of servers. I hope to declutter the subject and break it down to a more simplistic approach. I reference Robert M. Pirsig’s classic book as my inspiration, Rich Niemiec’s famous Oracle book as my baptismal text, and Sharon Dooley as my SQL Server specific educator. I relate this to newer features of SQL Server and Hadoop integration.


Don Cavin is currently a Senior Consultant at Illumination Works Columbus office (other offices in Cincy and Dayton). He has been paid to work with data and computers since 1991. Sadly, he started enjoying this in the late 1970’s without pay. He speaks rarely to humans bur frequently with machines. He enjoys attending “worthwhile” user groups like ours. He touts an expired Oracle Certified Professional (OCP 8i) certification with pride and a “pending” internal cease and desist order that he hopes someday lands on Larry Ellison’s desk.