Do you have large amounts of data which you want to leverage to predict the answers to difficult questions?  The seemingly new field of Machine Learning (ML) has been around for almost 60 years, with this exact goal in mind.  While machine learning is closely tied to statistics, do not let mathematical anxiety derail the value you can obtain in applying machine learning to your data.

In this session, we introduce the fundamentals of ML to get you started without requiring the intense mathematics background.  We will look at how to “frame” your data questions, determine if ML fits best to answer your questions, as well as understanding the type of outputs it can provide in responding with predictions.   We will cover a high-level overview of the different (black box) models, and spend our time focused on the simple process of determining the “right” algorithm to use, with demo’s and examples, to show you how you can start using machine learning today.

Biography:Andrew Loree is a Data Insights consultant with Microsoft, and has over eighteen years of data and database experience with roles in architecture, design, development, and implementation of enterprise-scale SQL Server data solutions, supporting industries from legal e-discovery to manufacturing. Andrew holds thirteen Microsoft certifications, has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Wright State University, and continues his life-long learning journey working to finish his Masters of Science from the same alma mater.