Title – All about that base, that base, that baseline

As a DBA have you either thought about or been asked something along the lines of these questions:

“What is the typical <resource> utilization for this instance?”

“Are those wait stats typical?”

“How much disk do we need to add next quarter?”

These are just samples of many questions which can be answered by looking at a baseline. In this sessions we will talk about what a baseline is, what it can do for you and most importantly how to collect them. Additionally, we will look at some options to analyze the trend within the collected data.


Peter is a seasoned IT professional with over 20 years experience. He took the accidentally intentional DBA plunge in 2013. Peter is comfortable working with both physical and virtual servers where he tries to apply best practices to attain performance improvements. He is also adept at bridging the gap between technical and business language in order to bring technology solutions to business needs. Peter is also the chapter leader of CBusPASS.