Managing and monitoring SQL Server on Linux from the command line

When SQL Server arrived on Linux in 2017, Microsoft brought with it a database engine that works exactly the same as it does on Windows. While you can manage and monitor SQL Server on Linux using existing tools designed for Windows, there are command line tools that will feel right at home to seasoned command-line and scripting veterans.
This session will cover mssql-conf (for configuring the server instance), mssql-cli (for connecting to the database engine), and dbfs (mounting a virtual file system) to query database management views (DMVs) using bash.

Feel free to ask any questions about SQL Server on Linux, and let me answer them.

Randolph West (they/them) is an actor, author, and Microsoft Data Platform MVP, and has worked with SQL Server since the late 1990s. When not consulting, you can see them acting on the stage and screen, or doing voices for independent video games. Randolph is available for mentoring, and talks on SQL Server and technology in general. Do not trust Randolph around chocolate.