Deep Dive into Power BI Administration and Security Internals
Managing Power BI administration and security requires the integrated functionality of Azure, Office 365, and Power BI to provide all of the components of a robust security solution for your Power BI Implementation. See what features you need to implement to provide tailored security and administration functions for release management and access. If you are interested in learning how to manage all possible security features of Power BI and where to do it, this session will provide those answers.
You will learn:
β€’ Methods and components in Azure which impact Power BI Security
β€’ How Power BI integrates Office 365 administration and the methods which can provide tighter control of data access and licenses
β€’ How to determine what kinds of Office 365 rights should be assigned to different roles in Power BI

Ginger Grant manages the consultancy Desert Isle Group and shares what she has learned while working with data technology to people around the world. As a Microsoft MVP in Data Platform, Microsoft Certified Trainer and an instructor on DataCamp, she focuses on guiding clients to create solutions using the entire Microsoft Data Stack, which includes SQL Server, Power BI, and Azure Data Cloud components. When not working, she protypes the latest pre-release data technologies, maintains her blog, and spends time on twitter @desertislesql.