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There is at least one in your home right now, a box, a basket, a bucket, perhaps even an actual drawer; hastily organized at best but full of tools, gadgets, widgets and whatchamacallits designed for one or two specific purposes.  Realistically, we all want to use the more generic, multipurposed item found in our “well organized place for storing things”, yet deep down we know that tool/gadget/widget etc. is really what we need.  As data-professionals, we are all familiar with the largest “junk drawer” ever created, the Internet.  In this session, we will discuss some tools which are not data specific, the jobs they do well, and where to find them.  Join as us as explore Robocopy, parts of the SysInterals Suite, a connection manager or two, portables apps aplenty and more so that you can move that file more efficiently, troubleshoot that problem through a different lens, or simply know what the heck someone else is talking about.