This Month’s Event

Speaker: Kate Gaylord

Principal Consultant at Navigator Management Partners

An organizational change Management plan considers all the people and teams (internal and external) involved or impacted by an upcoming change, identifies how the change will affect them, what they will be responsible for and what they need to know in order to succeed both during and after the transition.  
Taking the time to create a change management plan upfront allows you to reduce risks because you are addressing concerns and resistance along the way.  No Surprises.  And leads to an environment that cultivates sustainable change.
Kate Gaylord, Principal Consultant at Navigator Management Partners will introduce the concept of an organizational change management plan and the value it can bring to the product development lifecycle.


6:00-6:30 Food and Networking    

6:30-7:30 Presentation Discussion    

7:30-? – Networking

Who we are

An exciting new Club has been formed in Columbus called the “Cbus Product Club.” The club is a free social networking event connecting Start-ups, Product Managers and Entrepreneurs in Central Ohio. The club’s goal is to provide a forum for learning and networking (usually over drinks). The educational aspect will cover current developments in Product, inviting local Entrepreneurs and Product Managers/Owners to share their insight during events. The club will also serve as a platform for discussions on all major drivers of the product management discipline such as new technologies, methodologies, best practices, and emerging models for product development.