2017-08-15 Tuesday CARPE Meeting

Readings from a Field Notebook; Getting Started with IoT Devices

Russ Herrold will discuss how the emerging ‘Internet of Things’
community has a natural ‘fit’ to the Free and Open Source Software
development / Unix (the _last_ operating system) culture movement.

There will be a ‘worked example’ of how to ‘jump right in’ to the deep end,
start swimming, and swat at some bugs along the way;
a set-up of the development environment; identifying an issue;
upstreaming a (wrong) proposed fix; and looking again for a better one.

Also along the way we will deploy a working IoT application
into new hardware, and see the blinking lights.

All are welcome, especially beginners.

General Meeting Schedule

* 6:00 pm: eat and socialize at The Forge
* 6:30 pm: presentations start
* 8:00 pm: presentations stop; adjourn to Brazenhead for more socializing, eating, …

How to Find Us:

Enter in the double glass doors on the South side of the Smith Bros. building. The entrance to the Forge will be straight ahead. Call or text 614-256-8449 to get in.