Critical observers cannot help but notice that there is a lot of misinformation about currently illegal psychoactive substances. Some of it is more appropriately called disinformation, i.e. lies. Self-experimentation has a rich history in medicine, and psychedelic research has been effectively thwarted on a global scale until the recent emergence of what is now safe to call the Psychedelic Renascence. Separating fact from wishful-thinking, Mind Manifest Midwest cofounder Brian Pace will present an overview of citizen science-led bleeding-edge research on the practice of regularly ingesting subperceptual quantities of LSD or psilocybin mushrooms for “the betterment of well-people.” He will provide cultural context, scientific background, and speculate on the significance of the psychedelic health fad that has captured the attention of soccer moms and CEOs.

Brian Pace is the co-founder of Mind Manifest Midwest, a Columbus, Ohio based psychedelic society. Since 2016, his group has hosted public events to welcome speakers, tell stories, and share harm-reduction information in-person and online. He has provided strategic guidance and contributed to the psychedelics and microdosing educational website, The Third Wave ( since 2016. A PhD Candidate in Plant Evolutionary Ecology in the Department of Horticulture and Crop Sciences at The Ohio State University, Brian has served as the graduate student mentor for the OSU Cannabis Club, and in 2015 taught a graduate-level class he designed with his lab called Cannabis: Past, present, and future cultivation for fiber, food, and medicine. His dissertation research is on climate change and the mechanisms of local adaptation in traditional Mexican maize varieties and he will be Dr. Brian in the next few weeks.