Join us every third Wednesday of each month for the Cap City Biohackers DIY Equipment Hack. This is a working group dedicated to finding creative DIY solutions to make laboratory tools accessible to everyone, not just professional scientists. Feel free to bring beer as we hang out!

Current projects include:
1. DIY incubator. Thus far, we have been able to successfully program our Arduino to turn on the heating source (light bulb) once the temperature of the incubator falls below a certain point and off when it hits the indicated maximum temperature. Our goal this meetup is to install a digital interface that displays the temperature and allows the user to easily alter the settings.

2. DIY magnetic stir plate. We have a rough working model, but are in need of a soldering iron to complete this project so if you have one laying around your house and want to contribute, we’d greatly appreciate it.

3. DIY centrifuge. Here are some concepts we are working with.